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Mountain Hiking

For mountain hiking all you need is good shoes, a keen eye for nature and an adventurous spirit.

How to Enjoy Mountain Hiking

Mountain hiking at such incredible heights is an exhilarating way to get your blood pumping, calf muscles burning and all your senses going. Smell the fresh mountain air, see the landscapes, listen to the chirps in the canopies and get a taste for life while mountain hiking.

Mountain hiking takes you through unexpected terrains and can offer exciting opportunities to do other activities such as game spotting, birdwatching and swimming in rock pools. Mountain hiking will bring you closer to nature, get your endorphins going and make for a memorable and fun day out.

Ideal for  

Novice hikers looking for a challenge, nature lovers and bird enthusiasts.

Do not expect  

A leisurely, non-strenuous activity or to go without taking water with.

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