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A day of parasailing ought to be a compulsory addition to everybody’s bucket list.

How to Enjoy Parasailing

See the world from a rare vantage point with a parasailing adventure. Whether you’re at the coast or on a pristine dam, parasailing lets you float like a feather on the breeze. You don’t need to do much, just smile and wave as you defy the laws of gravity for an hour or two.

After a basic briefing on parasailing techniques and safety procedures, you’ll set out on the boat with an experienced team comprising a driver and an observer to watch over you while you’re airborne. A launch crew helps get you up in the air, as your sail gently plucks you from earth’s bonds.

Ideal for  

Anybody with a lust for life, though acute vertigo might count you out.

Do not expect  

Rip-roaring speeds at altitude. Parasailing is as leisurely an adventure as they come.

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