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Hop onto an inflatable raft and paddle some rapids that’ll keep you and your rafting team on your toes.

How to Enjoy Rafting

Looking for a mix of chilling out and death-defying exhilaration? Rafting might just be for you. At times you’ll be able to drift along with the current, or take up the oar to keep yourselves on track. Of course, every now and again you’ll hit raging white water rapids and you’ll just have to cling on to your raft and hope for the best.

Rafting trips can last anywhere from an afternoon to several days. Longer trips may have you camping by the riverside before you reach your final destination and perhaps even a little hiking. Expect a fair bit of cardio, but not too much to put off the faint-hearted.

Ideal for  

Fit team players, water lovers and avid adventurers.

Do not expect  

Taking commands lightly; for safety and successful rafting, follow them to a “T”.

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