No snow? No swell? No problem. Board riding down sand dunes is a whole new world of adventure.

How to Enjoy Sandboarding

Board riders of all persuasions are sure to enjoy sandboarding. Developed from snowboarding, the technique is similar, but the environment couldn't be more different. Take a lesson and give it a go. If standing up seems a bit scary (you do pick up speed quickly!) you can ride the board sitting down.

Some operators will take you to the dunes via boat, incorporating a scenic river cruise to ease you into the adrenaline fest. Most of the dunes where board riding happens are near the beach or the river – great for a quick dip afterwards to remove the sand that will more than likely be everywhere.

Ideal for  

Snowboarders in the summer, surfers and skateboarders looking for a challenge.

Do not expect  

A soft, fluffy landing. If you take a tumble at speed, you'll know all about it.

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