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River and Lake Adventures

Rafting, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing, parasailing, kloofing (canyoning), jet-ski adventures and more.

How to Enjoy River and Lake Adventures

Whether you’re bouncing on a rubber tube behind a high-powered speedboat or clinging on while plunging down rapids, your choice in river and lake adventures will be nothing but a wet and wild ride. Work your muscles on a kayaking trip, or take it a little easier while canoeing.

Try a jet-ski adventure if you’d prefer something motorised, or embrace the thrill of incredible heights while parasailing behind a speedboat. Waterskiing requires a touch more skill, but mastering it can be extremely rewarding. There are heaps of options to enjoy a river and lake adventure.

Ideal for  

Water sport enthusiasts, nature lovers and fearless aquatic adventurers.

Do not expect  

Going on the activity during bad weather - lighting and water don’t mix well.

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