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For tubing trips be prepared to get wet as you float through babbling rivers and scenic landscapes.

How to Enjoy Tubing

Tubing (“geckoing”) is an active way to see nature while navigating through rapids and gorges or being swept along by river currents. It can also entail being towed behind a motorboat on a lake or even at sea. Hold on while seated on a rubber tube attached via a rope to a speedboat as it scoots you across the water.

The river kind, will have you being carried on currents, down rapids or small gorges. At times you may just enjoy the pleasant ride, while at others you’ll be screaming, laughing and gripping on tightly. Tubing is great fun and can be enjoyed by all, though some excursions may have an minimum age constraint.

Ideal for  

Extreme sports junkies, thrill-seekers and those who can hold on for dear life.

Do not expect  

A hair-raising experience every time; the type of ride depends on the location.

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