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Learn wakeboarding, or hone your existing skills in picture-perfect surrounds.

How to Enjoy Wakeboarding

Whether you’re a pro looking for a new playground or trying it out for the very first, the thrill of wakeboarding is within everybody’s reach. Board riders who prefer uncrowded spots and bit more speed will get hooked on the rush of wakeboarding across glassy rivers, lakes and estuaries.

Learn the basics with a qualified instructor and work your way up to popping fakies, flips and ollies with ease. Wakeboarding is easy enough to get the knack of – just relax, hold on tight and let physics do all the hard work. On the boat or behind it, it’s a brilliant way to spend a day.

Ideal for  

Wakeboarders, surfers or skaters looking for a new thrill in beautiful locations.

Do not expect  

To hit the ramps and rails right away – unless of course you’re highly experienced.

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