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Wall Climbing

For wall climbing expect challenging climbs to get your heart racing while secured in a harness.

How to Enjoy Wall Climbing

Wall climbing may be tricky business, but it’s an excellent way to build full body strength and test your balance and agility while having plenty of fun. Wall climbing is an activity that’s as enjoyable for kids as for adults and can offer varying levels of difficulty so as to suit different abilities.

Half the fun of wall climbing is the learning, so expect to lose your grip a few times and enjoy the security of your safety harness. The ultimate thrill is reaching the top and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment. Wall climbing adventures are also excellent introductions to mountain climbing.

Ideal for  

Beginner mountain climbers, kloofing fans and those Spiderman wannabes.

Do not expect  

To climb without a belayer, or the need for a strong upper body in order to climb.

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