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Wine Tasting

At a wine tasting you’ll try different wines while taking in the beautiful scenery.

How to Enjoy Wine Tasting

When you go wine tasting, you can experience it by bicycle tour, helicopter, antiquated modes of transport such as classic vehicles or trams, or be driven from wine tasting to wine tasting. At each wine tasting, you will try various wines from different estates while learning about their varieties.

During a wine tasting you can expect to tour a wine cellar and meet the wine maker. After the wine tasting you’ll be able to purchase the wine and shipping options can be arranged. Pick-ups can also be arranged for the wine tasting or you can convene at a designated point in the winelands.

Ideal for  

Wine aficionados or enthusiasts, regardless of whether you spit or swallow.

Do not expect  

To leave empty-handed or not feel like a bit of a wine expert afterwards.

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