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White Shark Ventures

Shark cage diving adventures of Gansbaai, South Africa

How to Enjoy White Shark Ventures

White Shark Ventures offers you the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of nature's most highly evolved predators in the safety of a controlled environment and at the hands of trained professionals.

Aptly named 'Shark Alley', the shallow channel between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock off of the coast of Gansbaai in the Western Cape is known to play host to some of the most impressive specimens in South African waters. It is here that the White Shark Ventures team conduct their highly sought-after shark cage diving adventures.

Enjoy a personal, eye-to-eye encounter with these magnificent creatures, learn more about their habitat and enjoy a nice adrenaline rush in the process!

What people say

Dream come true! Best experience of my life. first I was skeptical to go in the cage but with help o...  -  Sudha .

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What people say about White Shark Ventures.


Dream come true! Best experience of my life. first I was skeptical to go in the cage but with help of excellent crew I had ADVENTURE of my life. we enjoyed a lot A fantastic crew. we saw Copper Shark ,I think 5 of was thrilling experience. we didn't want to leave. Everyone should have this amazing experience. it's 100% safe. If I can do it so you can ! I am sad not to see white shark & dolphins. very sad not to have video recording of our Adventure. I wish we had our shark cage diving video. overall the experience is unforgettable.

Sudha  experienced the 1 Day Shark Dive incl Transfer

Joaquín Ortega

One of the best experience of my life! The crew is professional and kind. 20/20

Joaquín Ortega experienced the 1 Day Shark Dive incl Transfer

Bjorn Eriksson

A must-do while in Cape Town! We had bought the shark viewing & cage diving activity for us, a family of four - two parents and two teenage boys, without the transfer from Cape Town, to save some money as we already had a rental car. No problem to find the place at the harbour front in Gaansbaai, just make sure to start in time - at least 2.5 hours before the activity. Luckily the heavy traffic was mostly towards Cape Town and not in our direction. At White Shark Ventures we were met by very friendly staff, had a nice breakfast and got changed into wet suits. Make sure to bring sun screen as you will be at sea for some two-three hours, so at least for head and hands. We got out with the noon tour (this time at 11.00, depending on the tide) and headed to the other side of the bay with about 20 people. Quite soon we saw a Copper Shark and were amazed. A while after, we were lucky to get the Great White Shark very close to us several times. We saw it from the boat and also from the cold (12 C) water from inside the cage, about four people at a time. You wear the wet suit and swimming goggles, so it is quite OK but your hands will be freezing after a while. Get them up in the air and hold tight to the cage top to warm up. As it is quite something to see The Shark of sharks, we were astonished (no guarantees though...). After the shark viewing we had lunch and concluding information about what we saw and what White Shark Ventures is working with to save our waters and animals to preserve the them. Warmly recommended - do not miss it. Just check current offers for a good deal, but do not expect it to be cheap.

Bjorn Eriksson experienced the 1 Day Shark Dive - No Transfer

Leonardo Barbosa

It was the best experience we've got there in Gansbaai. Thank you for the kindly experience for us. Sure next trip to South Africa we come back to have another great day.

Leonardo Barbosa experienced the 1 Day Shark Dive incl Transfer

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