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Whale Watching

A boating excursion out to sea to observe whales in their natural habitat.

How to Enjoy Whale Watching

Whale watching is a sea-based activity and requires boarding a boat to open waters to locate the whales when they are in the vicinity to breed or calf. Whale watching is seasonal and there are popular spots are on the whales’ annual migratory routes. Each trip is unique in its number of sightings.

Whale species are dependent on your location. When whale watching you will be furnished with a life jacket. It is advisable to dress warmly and take along a windbreaker, sunscreen and shades. Your camera is a must if you’re going to get shots of one of these spectacular creatures breaching.

Ideal for  

Marine life enthusiasts, families and nature photographers.

Do not expect  

To see whales all year round; this is a seasonal activity.

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