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Balloon Flight

Get ready to take to the skies for a graceful balloon flight and see the sights like never before.

How to Enjoy Balloon Flight

The best time to experience a balloon flight is, undoubtedly, sunrise. Arrive early and board the 1.2m tall basket as the burner inflates the envelope (balloon) with enough hot air for lift off. Be ready to take on a romantic view of the world from on high - balloons can fly to extremely high altitudes.

On your balloon flight, you’ll experience natural beauty and the silence of the morning skies as you watch the sunrise from the perspective of the birds around you. Balloon flights are completely weather-dependent. Stormy skies or rough winds will cancel any flight, even if you’re planning to propose.

Ideal for  

Future pilots, adventurers, photographers and early birds.

Do not expect  

Warm weather at altitude; the weather conditions can change, so come prepared.

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