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For kloofing (canyoning) you’ll descend a watercourse in a life jacket and helmet while scrambling, abseiling and swimming.

How to Enjoy Canyoning

Canyoning, also known as kloofing, manages to combine the most exciting and exhilarating extreme sports into one outdoor activity. During a typical canyoning activity, expect to work up a sweat while you ascend rocky terrain. Once at the top, take in the sights before descending down watercourses by any means possible.

Expect to hike, walk and climb your way up, but going down is where it gets more exciting. Canyoning typically involves jumping, abseiling down waterfalls and swimming through refreshing rock pools. It is truly an outdoor experience that will give you a natural high and a fun dose of adventure.

Ideal for  

Mountain climbers, hikers, rock pool swimmers and abseiling enthusiasts.

Do not expect  

An easy ascent or gentle descent - this is for the strong of heart and able bodied.

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