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Helicopter Flight

A helicopter flight gives you breathtaking views with a touch of adventure.

How to Enjoy Helicopter Flight

Helicopter flights are unique experiences that can provide some of the best sightseeing opportunities. With a variety of options, helicopter flights can offer shark spotting, whale and dolphin viewing, while wine aficionados can stop over at renowned vineyards - among many other exciting options.

These helicopter flights are the perfect way to spend a day taking in inspiring views of the coast and countryside. Helicopter flights also offer an excellent introduction to a new area when looking for a starting point and make for an unforgettable treat for the whole family on a special occasion.

Ideal for  

Aerial photographers and those looking for an exhilarating way to do a wine tasting.

Do not expect  

To hang onto the landing struts during take off; you’ll be safely strapped in for the trip.

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