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Microlight Flight

A microlight flight makes for an unforgettable experience with breathtaking aerial views.

How to Enjoy Microlight Flight

Microlight flights are an exhilarating adventure that you will never forget. On a typical microlight flight you will fly over striking landscapes giving you the opportunity to see a city from a new perspective, spot wildlife which may otherwise be hidden and experience life from a bird’s-eye view.

What makes microlight flights so special is the variety of options available to suit every adventurer’s needs – some trips may even let you have a hands-on experience. With such a unique vantage point make sure to bring a camera with to capture these memorable moments on your microlight flight.

Ideal for  

Amateur pilots, adrenaline junkies and aerial photographers.

Do not expect  

High-speed approach and landing speed or to fly in bad weather conditions.

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