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Ostrich Tour

Join an ostrich tour to learn about, feed and possibly even ride the world’s largest bird.

How to Enjoy Ostrich Tour

An ostrich tour puts you face-to-face with this unusual but fascinating flightless bird. On an ostrich tour you’ll learn about the boundless uses for their feathers, eggs, leather and meat in a hands-on environment facilitated by ostrich experts. Those giant eyes will make you fall in love.

Most ostrich tours give you a chance to feed the birds, visit a breeding camp and – if you’re lucky – ride an ostrich. Some farms even run an ostrich race with local jockeys for your entertainment. Lunch options are available with certain operators to sample the delicious meat and giant eggs.

Ideal for  

Animal lovers, trivia addicts, daring foodies, aspiring ostrich jockeys.

Do not expect  

To ride the birds if you’re big or to leave without an emotional connection.

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