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Scuba Diving

When scuba diving, you’ll wear a wet suit and breathe through a regulator attached to an air tank.

How to Enjoy Scuba Diving

When you go scuba diving, you’ll be briefed by the dive master and then taken to get the equipment. You’ll put on a wetsuit and head to a boat that will take you out to sea to scuba dive. Once you reach the dive site, you’ll put on your gear as instructed and drop into the water for your dive.

When under water, follow the dive master and take in the abundant marine life as you scuba dive. While scuba diving you can expect to see dolphins, sharks, fish and smaller marine life. Once you are done, you’ll ascend to the top and the boat will pick you up.

Ideal for  

Non-claustrophobic types and those with an interest in marine life and the ocean.

Do not expect  

Unsupervised dives, goofing off during safety talks or guaranteed dolphin sightings.

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