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Browsing best available goods in a commercial setting for the purpose of purchasing desirable items.

How to Enjoy Shopping

Serious shoppers, this is your boarding call. A shopping excursion entails being led to the best locations to find desirable purchases. You may be chauffeured to various malls and shopping complexes in an air-conditioned car or guided on foot through markets, bazaars or store-lined streets.

Go with a well-lined purse, whether on the lookout for labels, bargains or unique souvenirs, your shopping guide will point you in the right direction. It’s an active day out that can include change rooms and store assistants, or haggling and stallholders. A good lunch break will be required.

Ideal for  

Shoppers with limited time, shopaholics, bargain buyers and souvenir hunters.

Do not expect  

To get a tax refund at the airport without the receipts for your purchases.

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