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Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddling involves standing on a large board and paddling on the sea or a river.

How to Enjoy Stand Up Paddle

When learning to stand up paddle, you’ll wear a wetsuit, be given a board suitable for your height and get a paddle. When entering the water to stand up paddle, you’ll attach the board to your leg with a leash. This is so you don’t lose the stand up paddle board.

The most important thing to master when stand up paddling is to get your balance on the board. You might find yourself falling off the stand up paddle board a lot, but once you get it right, you’ll be able to ride waves on the stand up paddle board and make turns easily like a seasoned surfer.

Ideal for  

Those who love to ride waves and who are willing to persevere while learning.

Do not expect  

To find your balance immediately or do first time paddling without falling.

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