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Tree adventure

Glide, swing or zipline your way around treetop obstacles or cable trail to enjoy a tree adventure.

How to Enjoy Tree adventure

Dress suitably for your tree adventure high above the ground. Find yourself gliding along a forest cable trail, chilling with the birdlife and taking snaps of trees and natural vegetation below. Or else your adventure can have you dashing through a treetop obstacle course, with ziplines and ropes.

Tree adventure is a group activity, suitable for almost all ages, but young children will need help. Safety is a priority and you can expect instructions with your harness, lanyard, belay system and sometimes helmet. Team building and family bonding are tree adventures’ specialties.

Ideal for  

Nature lovers, budding botanists, corporate team builders and courageous clans.

Do not expect  

Going out in lightning, high winds, snow or ice. You’re still on for rain.

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