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Hiking and Climbing

Wall climbing, coasteering, canyoning, mountain hiking, bush walking, rock climbing, mountain climbing and hiking.

How to Enjoy Hiking and Climbing

Hiking and climbing are great all body workouts, whether you’re descending canyons while kloofing (canyoning), discovering wave-ravaged coastlines while coasteering, or practising for a challenging mountain or rock climbing expedition at a wall climbing venue (a great way to try your hand at it too).

Hiking and climbing get you outside and breathing in fresh air. A bush walk is ideal for taking in your surroundings at a leisurely pace, while hiking will have you covering a much vaster area. Mountain hiking and climbing are much more strenuous, although the incredible views make it worth the while.

Ideal for  

Nature lovers, fitness fundis and high achievers.

Do not expect  

A walk in the park - hiking and climbing require fitness and a good pair of shoes or boots.

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