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Bungy Jump

Want to feel the rush of leaping headfirst off of a high structure and surviving? Try a bungy jump.

How to Enjoy Bungy Jump

Bungy jump? Think James Bond in Golden Eye, a bridge and Bond diving headfirst groundwards. Bungy is not for the timorous; it’s an adrenaline-packed free fall from the top of a tall edifice, though not entirely free, as you are connected via your ankles and or body harness to an elastic cord.

Bungy jumpers can expect to feel the cord stretch as they recoil up and downwards until it finally halts. Realising that you have just jumped is the incredible high, second only to the terrifyingly freeing feeling of falling. I’ll ask you again. Bungy jump? Hell yeah, put that on your bucket list.

Ideal for  

Adrenaline junkies, aspiring stuntmen or women and the utterly fearless.

Do not expect  

Jumping without signing the dotted line, all operators have indemnity forms.

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