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Tucked between mountains, rivers and the ocean, Tsitsikamma is ideal for hiking, abseiling and bungy jumping.

How to Enjoy Tsitsikamma

Tsitsikamma is a lush realm of indigenous forests, gorges, rivers and beaches. Famed for its natural beauty and mild climate, there are numerous walks, hikes and bike trails to enjoy, including zipline treetop tours. The Tsitsikamma River teems with bass and trout; a fly fisherman’s dream.

Adrenaline junkies should visit Bloukrans Bridge for the world’s highest commercial bungy jump and bridge swing, or take a tour along this incredible structure to behold the valley below. Golden beaches at Nature’s Valley are a calming counterpoint to the abundance of adventure in Tsitsikamma.

Ideal for  

Scenic hiking, fly fishing, ziplining, tubing and bungy jumping.

Do not expect  

Nightclubs and high street shopping. Tsitsikamma is a return to nature.

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