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The Tsitsikamma forest enfolds the Stormsriver, with its fynbos rolling into the rugged coastline.

How to Enjoy Stormsriver

The national park at Stormsriver offers opportunities to discover its rocky shores through ocean and river adventures, such as sea kayaking, kayaking, tubing and cliff jumping, for the adventurous at heart. Paddle along the Stormsriver as it curves through deep gorges, caves and spectacular cliffs.

Stormsriver also offers lilo adventures to experience the deep, quiet pools deep into the Stormsriver gorge. Stormsriver’s Tsitsikamma forest is also perfect for hiking to explore its ancient forests and vegetation. You can also do abseiling and ziplining at the adventure park.

Ideal for  

Hiking, ziplining, sea kayaking, river kayaking, tubing and abseiling.

Do not expect  

Wine, food and lifestyle experiences, safaris or a bustling city life.

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