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Day Drive

Exploratory day drives are the perfect way to fill a day with the top sights and attractions of an area.

How to Enjoy Day Drive

Day drives are the perfect trip for families and groups, as well as lone explorers. They offer travellers a chance to truly immerse themselves in a place and to see as much on offer as possible. With the aid of knowledgeable guides, expect to be entertained constantly on these fun-filled day drives.

There are assortments of day drive package available to suit every taste – from wine tasting at renowned estates to fun city drives and cultural village tours. Whether you’re new to a place or are looking to learn something more about it, make sure to book a day drive for an eye-opening adventure.

Ideal for  

Any tourist worth his or her salt, looking for an introduction to the area visited.

Do not expect  

To always stay in the air-conditioned vehicle – some walking might be necessary.

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