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Elephant Back Safari

Experience the best game viewing and wildlife interaction while on an elephant back safari.

How to Enjoy Elephant Back Safari

Experience one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife activities, the elephant back safari. On arrival at the park, the guided safari commences with a brief introduction to elephants’ behaviour. Mount the elephant and get comfortable behind the handler while scanning the bush for some of the resident wildlife.

At some locations you can savour a light meal in the valley while the elephants roam freely. Don’t miss the chance to interact with these hulking mammals; feed them, brush them or watch them take a mud bath by a water hole. After this once in a lifetime elephant back safari, you will be impressed by their power and grace.

Ideal for  

Elephant lovers with a passion for nature and game viewing, and amateur photographers.

Do not expect  

To ride and elephant without an experienced handler to help and guide you.

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