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Horse Riding

When horse riding just put on your helmet, saddle up and ride on the back of this graceful animal.

How to Enjoy Horse Riding

Horse riding will change the way you experience nature. Imagine riding on a majestic horse as it takes you through its habitat – you and the horse relying on each other as you meander through scenic horse riding paths – surrounded by other wildlife and flora, while horse riding into the sunset.

Whether you’re a jockey or you’ve never ridden a horse before, horse riding is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. It is a rewarding experience accompanied by expert horse riding guides, which will allow for an unrivalled view of nature, whether travelling over mountain, beach or forest.

Ideal for  

Animal lovers and leisurely explorers who prefer four-legged horsepower.

Do not expect  

To ignore horse riding etiquette when riding trails or on the beach, your guide will inform you.

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