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Reptile Experience

Your reptile experience will be guided by an expert who will present these captivating creatures.

How to Enjoy Reptile Experience

Reptile experiences are perfect for those who want to better understand these cold-blooded creatures that get our heart rate up. These often misunderstood creatures are demystified by expert snake handlers during the reptile experience and thrill-seekers may even get a closer encounter if lucky.

Reptile experiences aren’t only for snake fans – expect lizards, crocodiles and other non-scaly creepy crawlies at these hair-raising reptile experiences. You may not get a snake as a pet afterwards, but a reptile experience will give you better insight into these feared, yet fascinating creatures.

Ideal for  

Exotic animal lovers and daring explorers overcoming their fear of snakes.

Do not expect  

To be left one-on-one with the animals or to handle them for extended periods.

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