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In crystal-clear water, snorkelling opens your eyes to magical worlds within arm’s reach.

How to Enjoy Snorkelling

Though water covers most of the earth, we know precious little about what goes on down there. Snorkelling is the easiest and safest way to explore the ocean’s shallows and discover all the incredible life therein. Try out snorkelling as an exploratory adventure or a surreal and relaxing meditation.

Curiosity and a swimsuit is all you’ll need to bring along. Qualified instructors provide gear and basic tuition and are on hand to answer any questions you might have about the marine life. In some spots, night snorkelling is an option. Look out for nocturnal octopi and rare phosphorescence.

Ideal for  

The whole family together, those medically unable to scuba dive.

Do not expect  

To plumb the ocean’s depths. You’ll spend most of the time near the surface.

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