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Expect to be at a high altitude and strapped onto a high-speed pulley when you zipline.

How to Enjoy Zipline

Ziplines work via a cable-and-pulley system, which requires the descent from a high to a lower point. Pulleys are high paced and you can expect to reach up to 100km/h. Don’t fret, as ziplines are all about safety and you will be given instructions. Some lines allow the user to control their speed.

You can zipline in most weather; rain suits are provided in wet climates. Expect a variety of locations; mostly natural. Zipline from riverside cliffs and over waterfalls or treetop platforms, rainforests and canyons. Face your fear, scream your lungs out and enjoy the slide

Ideal for  

Speed demons, fear fighters, natural highs and bucket list types

Do not expect  

Going faster with your arms and legs outstretched, think aerodynamics

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