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When abseiling, expect to rappel from astounding heights over scenic views while safely strapped in

How to Enjoy Abseiling

Abseiling can be an exciting, but nail-biting, experience for first timers. With the help of safety equipment and experienced guides put your fears aside and get ready for the drop of your life. By making use of a climbing rope, abseiling allows for a controlled descent over scenic backdrops.

Abseiling is an addictive way to get the whole family or a group of friends out amongst nature. As you rappel down rugged cliffs you’ll feel at one with nature as you encounter it from a unique perspective and surround yourself with a 360-degree panorama of breathtaking scenery that can only come from abseiling.

Ideal for  

Vertigo-defying adventurers and hikers looking for a new thrill

Do not expect  

To abseil in bad weather, to go off and abseil on your own, or nerves of steel

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