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Fynbos Experience

The appeal of the Fynbos Tasting is that it cannot be presented anywhere else in the world as Fynbos is unique to the Western Cape. It is a curated experience for the discerning traveler and the perfect introduction to Cape Town.

How to Enjoy Fynbos Experience

FYNBOS TASTINGS and APOTHECARY WORKSHOPS offer a rare opportunity to interact with ancient botanicals indigenous to the southern tip of the African continent.

Fynbos is ancient, protected vegetation unique to the southern tip of the African continent in an area known as the Cape Floristic Region. This is the smallest, yet most diverse, of six globally recognized plant kingdoms.

Well known Fynbos species include the health-boosting Rooibos and Honeybush teas. Lesser-known botanicals include the highly aromatic Buchu, Snow bush, Rhino bush, Cancer bush and scented pelargoniums, which offer uniquely South African flavors.

Ideal for  

The enthusiastic individual that loves to learn and experience something fresh, new and out of the ordinary

Do not expect  

A big meal or massive cooking class

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