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War is hell, but a game of paintball is a brilliant way to spend an afternoon with your mates.

How to Enjoy Paintball

Taking potshots at your pals is surprisingly stress-relieving. Okay, so there’s more to paintball than that. It’s an incredible strategic team activity that’ll get your adrenaline surging as you do your utmost to avoid the zing of an enemy paintball bullet. Guns, ammo and safety gear is supplied.

The range of battlefields varies from rugged bush to simulated war zones and abandoned houses and can be played over long distances or at close quarters. The tempo and the ferocity is for you to decide, but it all gets very real very quickly once the paintballs start whizzing past your ears.

Ideal for  

Chess players who love war movies, bachelor weekends, team building.

Do not expect  

Gain without pain, think about all the stories you’ll be telling at the pub.

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