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A recreational water activity using a boat with sails that are wind powered to propel it forward.

How to Enjoy Sailing

Sailing is the art of steering a boat using its rigging, rudder, keel or centreboard in order to harness the force of the wind to power it forward. A professional skipper and crew will be responsible for this, while passengers can enjoy a leisurely cruise in a bay, lagoon or the open sea.

Go sailing on a luxury yacht, keelboat, multihull catamaran or trimaran, schooner, brig or windjammer. Yachts and catamarans are most popular and include onboard restrooms. While sailing can refer to the sport of boat racing, it’s generally a relaxed affair, great for sundowners and bubbly.

Ideal for  

Potential skippers, groups of friends or family and anyone who like to live the good life.

Do not expect  

To necessarily sail solo; it takes a whole crew to man a sailboat.

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