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Fly Fishing

A fresh or saltwater angling technique. Fly fishing requires a fly rod, line and artificial flies.

How to Enjoy Fly Fishing

When fly fishing expect to spend some time by a body of water, either salt or fresh, with rod and reel in hand casting your fly and line for several hours. Freshwater catches can include trout, salmon, grayling or carp, while saltwater species vary with the depth of the water.

Fly fishing estuary catches can include redfish, snook, tarpon, bonefish and striped bass. Fishing in deeper waters holds the promise of tuna, marlin and sharks. The flies you use are also dependent on where you are, with the aim of matching local insects to attract your prey.

Ideal for  

Fishing and nature enthusiasts, deep thinkers and happy loners.

Do not expect  

Having to find the best streams, lakes, rivers, bays or estuaries yourself.

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