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Marine Safari

When on a marine safari, you will be able to experience the unique marine mammal ocean life off the coast.

How to Enjoy Marine Safari

Hop aboard a marine safari, the most adventurous and educational guided ocean activity where you may encounter some of the spectacular marine life that frequent the rugged coastline. After being fitted with life jackets, you will leave the harbour's calm waters under the supervision of your guide.

Out in the deep blue, enjoy this marine safari in a pristine oceanic setting and scan the horizon for pods of whales and schools of dolphins playfully surfing the waves. With an expert guide pointing out marine life, the only task you have is to keep your camera handy on this marine safari.

Ideal for  

Amateur photographers, budding marine biologists and salty sea dogs.

Do not expect  

Predictable weather or not to wear a life jacket and warm clothes.

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