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Elephant Experience

During an elephant experience, expect to get up close and personal with these gentle giants.

How to Enjoy Elephant Experience

The elephant experience is a fun and educational activity for those who want to gain a deeper insight and intimacy into the lives of these huge but gentle mammals. On arrival at the elephant experience location, a skillful ranger will introduce you to the real host, the elephant!

Saddle up or set off hand-in-trunk into the bush and feel the thrill at every trumpet. Stop for a picnic and take in the tender moments of the elephants taking a mud bath or foraging for food. Witness the special bond between the elephant and handlers during this gripping elephant experience.

Ideal for  

City slickers, tourists, curious animal lovers, children and amateur conservationists.

Do not expect  

To be hampered by rainy and muddy weather or to witness circus tricks.

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